Help Center - FAQ's

  • How many letters can I use for the monogram?

    (Ideally, we would need a name of 5-6 letters (max up to 11 characters) to create a balanced design.)

  • How many options will I get to choose from?

    (The fee is per logo created, however, you can opt in a second version for half the price.)

  • What kind of design or what are your limitations in creating a monogram?

    (We do a minimal line geometric style and we try to create a unique design for each of our customers.)

  • Will I get a preview before I pay for my design?

    ( Unfortunately, we cannot offer a preview. Each personalized monogram name is uniquely curated by our designers and is not computer generated. Receiving a preview for the monogram is part of our progress.)

  • How can I own the rights to my design?

    (We can give you the exclusive right of the design. We will process a written agreement and that would be for $300 USD. On top of the vector file which is for $100 USD)

  • Is it possible to use different names for the monogram logo and name underneath

    ( Absolutely, for special requests you may add a note to your order or contact us through email and chat.)

  • How to order a print?

    (Enter your existing order number or request for a logo. Indicate if you want a colored or white background. Place your order into cart and select a payment option)

  • If I purchase the design will I automatically get a print item?

    (Each is sold separately, you can always order a logo first and the print later.)

  • Can I request for my print item to be in a color that I desire or available?

    (Yes, as long as we have your desired color background available for print items. Just provide us the hex code of the color.)

  • How long does it take to finish?

    (Normally, it takes 24 hours process time when orders come in. The 7 business days delivery starts right after that.)

  • How long does it take to finish a Design time:

    (Design, Quality control and Send Off. All design orders are added to the queue within 24 hrs after the order is placed. A designer will be assigned to the order and will start the design process. which takes 7 business days for the standard delivery option. To jump the queue, Express delivery takes 3 business days. Both delivery options do not include weekends. An email to be sent to you with the design. Delivery time does varies based on the complexity of the name)

  • How long is the shipping time?

    (This refers to the time it takes for items only to be shipped from the warehouse to the destination. We process our products on demand after the preview was approved by you. We then start the fulfillment and have it shipped out, items usually take between 7 and 14 days to arrive at their destination for standard delivery but can take longer from time to time. Express delivery takes 3-4 days. International delivery can take up to 3-4 weeks.)

  • Pre-orders

    A Pre-order is an item that has not yet come available, but you can pre-purchase it to secure your piece. Pre-orders under $150 are generally paid up front 100% and are then shipped out to you as soon as they arrive without you having to do anything further.
    Preorders are particularly important for limited release items, as sometimes we may presell out of an item, so pre-ordering will be the only way to ensure you can buy that piece.
    20% of restocking may apply

  • Fee for redesigning my logo.

    (We do revision for minimal change like the name underneath for $5 USD. As for changing your existing monogram it's going to be $23 USD per design)

  • Bundle Rate

    (We do have a bundle promo rate, if you order 3 monograms you'll get 15 % off and if you purchase 5 monograms it will be 20% off)

  • Can I speak to someone over the phone?

    ( You can always message us on our Facebook page Fugu Studio,Instagram | Tik tok at @StudioFugu or send us an email

  • What are the other products you have?

    (For digital products we have monogram logo or couple's monogram, Number Monogram and Avatar Portrait. For our physical product we have print, mug, phone case, shirt, hoodie and more here.)